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  • Decades old company with a reputation of industry leading quality, service and support.
  • Unusually diverse suite of services allowing customization and accommodation for a wide variety of customer and IT needs
  • The total US market is over $136 billion.The Owners have identified several growth opportunities.One of the opportunities is to develop a formal sales and marketing plan.All sales revenues are derived from the current customer base and referrals.Just think what could be achieved with a defined marketing and sales program.There are eight additional opportunities that could be pursued.
  • Industry Leader with less than half percent error rate in nationwide deployments
  • Very high employee morale and loyalty due to a positive and spontaneous work environment.
  • High level of customer satisfaction – the long term customer base tells it all.
  • Increased efficiencies by having a single-source life-cycle management process, rather than multiple points of outsourcing.
  • The Company presents a solid financial model that is a prime example of a scalable business. 2014 revenues were in excess of $10 million with the 2016 fiscal year revenues more than $12 million with an EBITDA of $1,344,118.Projected 2017 revenues are over $17 million.

This Company is a turn-key, premier provider of information technology outsourcing services with a focus on lean IT solutions for every stage of technology’s life cycle.

From award, winning product acquisition, through nationwide deployments with proactive managed services and staff augmentation through comprehensive end-of-life ITAD services, the Company serves a marquee Fortune 1000 customer base, in addition to its middle-market presence.The skilled and motivated core team is supported by a nationwide network of vetted resources ready to assist with projects across the country, Canada and Europe.

Utilizing deep industry partnerships and evolving technologies built to improve core business efficiencies, The owner and management have designed a portfolio of services to help clients maximize their return on th IT investment.

Through innovative solutions, The Company is an IT problem solver that enables its clients the freedom to focus their internal resources on strategic vs. tactical initiatives.The Company’s mission statement, this vision has shown consistent results withlong-term customer relationships and recurring run-rate business.

Established in 1996 and headquartered in the Pacific Northwest with branch offices located throughout the US and UK, the Owner has created a thriving company that is experiencing phenomenal growth with low overhead and little to no debt.

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