Profitable Snack Food Manufacturer

  • The company sells regionally to retailers and wholesalers.It can also export and presently has some national customers
  • It has a profitable business model with procedures in place for a consistent and predictable expanding future growth
  • The owner identifies 21 potential growth opportunities for solid expansion
  • The firm has a very solid reputation for high quality and perfectly consistent products.Customers are long term and very loyal repeat buyers
  • The company has many unique features that would be hard to duplicate.Many things they do are proprietary
  • The firm is strongly connected in the various food industries
  • Sellers Discretionary Cash Flow budgeted for FYE 2017 is $220,000 with 2017 annual estimated sales of $1.1 million
  • Price is $600,000 plus inventory valued at closing of $85,000

  Oct 12, 2017   pgiadmin

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!Businesses like this seldom come up for sale.

This is a very established snack food manufacturing business that produces at least 150 items.They buy at worldwide prices and convert crops into higher forms of snacks.

The firm started in 1952 and is 65 years old.The present owner has been active for the past 38 years and is only the second owner.He is 76 years old and believes it is time for him to plan retirement.

The Company supplies grocery store bulk bins, packaged grocery goods, food service, candy manufacturers, ice cream manufacturers, outdoor adventure firms, the health food industry, produce departments, resellers, institutional users, restaurants, retailers, and a wide variety of specialty buyers too numerous to name.

The business is very profitable.It is extremely stable.The customer base is very established. Sales are nationwide, but heaviest in the northwestern United States.

A new owner can simply keep the business the same and make a handsome profit – or expand the business and enter a much larger growth cycle with more profit potential.There are many areas of growth potential.

This is a very stable and profitable firm and is priced reasonably for its size and potential….