Specialty Niche LTL Motor Freight Company


  • This Company is like a well-oiled machine with proven business systems in a profitable niche.
  • Today the trucking industry has become like a commodity and most companies must compete primarily on price.
  • To avoid that situation finding a niche market if critical. The owner found the less than truck load (“LTL”) refrigerated and hazardous material “HAZMAT” hauling to be the perfect niche market solution. This Company has been building a sterling reputation for 35 years.

The owner describes his market niche as follows:

If a company looks for a trucking company to haul a full dry truck load from New Jersey to Texas, there are probably - 200 carriers available.

If it’s for three pallets probably – 100 carriers available

If it’s for three pallets and refrigerated probably – 50 carriers available

If it’s for three pallets, refrigerated and HAZMAT probably – 15 carriers available

  • The Owner found this niche in the trucking business and by design once the Company reached a certain size he has kept it at a level he could afford and manage.
  • As a result of some market forces there is a void in this niche market needing a larger trucking company or well capitalized investor to fill-in this Company’s market area.
  • This is why one of the primary goals of the Owner is have a new owner with a stronger capital base to take full advantage of the 13 competitive advantages and 4 growth opportunities and propel the Company more quickly to a significantly higher level of revenue.
  • The Company has the permits to carry alcoholic products but has not had the capital to develop that market.
  • The Company primarily operates in the Eastern United States. Different trucking companies are used if a load doesn’t fit the Company’s equipment nor has a destination beyond Indiana or Texas.
  • The Business also operates a logistics department. This activity has created brokerage income and expanded their geographic market.
  • Annual revenues from 2010 through 2015 have been $2.1M, $3M, $3M, $3.2M, $3.3M and $3.2M respectively. The 2015 Earnings Before Interest, Taxes and Depreciation (“EBITDA”) is $773K and. The insurable value of the 10 tractors is $720K and 20 trailers is $396k
  • There is good management succession with at the option of the buyer the Owner would be available for a year transition
  • The Owner wants a staged retirement and feels due to the void to fill in the LTL east coast market and the other opportunities the Company should be grown to the next level and he does not feel at this time in his life he has the drive, the capital or growth management experience to move on these opportunities. He just does not want the additional administrative duties of running a larger company. Over the years he has worked up to this level of operation and does not wish to go any further. His goal is to have a good future for his employees and be the “go-to” company in the Haz-Mat and LTL field in the Eastern US.

  Aug 11, 2017   pgiadmin