NutraBulk, Inc.

Rick Piper

Piper Group International, LLC
5 Centerpointe Drive, Suite 400
Lake Oswego, OR 97035

Your offering book was truly comprehensive. We found it to be unique because it contained more information than we were used to seeing which allowed us to make a faster decision to proceed. Also we liked receiving both electronic and bound hard copies.

Really appreciated your Roadmap to Closing process that kept us moving forward and dealing with and resolving the unforeseen due diligence issues as they arose. When it came to the legal issued you helped negotiate the agreements to mutually acceptable.

There were several offers and I feel we were dealt with in a fair manner with your Deal Point process.

I suppose having trust in working with you was the most important part your service.

Without contentiousness and arguments you helped deliver a fair result for both parties.

  Nov 10, 2014   sporeling