Miller Nash LLP

Rick Piper

Piper Group International, LLC
5 Centerpointe Drive, Suite 400
Lake Oswego, OR 97035

I wanted to thank you for your participation in the workshop we presented on February 25, 2014. By all measures, it was a huge success, filling our largest conference room with business owners. Based on the evaluations, it was very well received by our audience.

The sections on "establishing base value, initiatives to increase value, project planning to improve value, and exit planning" were big attractions for our audience and the accompanying materials were in demand. That questions continued for half an hour after we concluded and audience ratings were in the ninetieth percetile speak for themselves.

Based on audience evaluations and follow up meetings I had (and am still having) with participants, the event was a great public relations vehicle for our firm and provided valuable information for the business owner/participants.

It was great presenting with you and I look forward to having additional opportunities to do so.

  Jul 2, 2014   sporeling