Union Bank

Dear Rick:

Two weeks ago, we gathered about 20 clients and prospects together for lunch to hear your presentation on increasing the value of their respective businesses. Your team • from Piper Group (Brent Freeman and yourself) was joined by John McCormick (Sussman Shank). Together you provided us with a fast•paced and highly informative overview that gave our guests a number of practical ideas and tools to take back to their offices.

As a bank we are committed to our clients’ success. One of the best ways I know to do this is to provide “value-added” services. Your seminar is at the top of our list. One of our guests has this to say about your seminar “Thank you for the invitation to the seminar today, it was perhaps the best use of two hours I have experienced in years- full of practical advice we can begin to use immediately”. Having served as the CEO two companies, I know how important getting good financial information can be. The methodology you apply to recasting the balance sheet and income statement for business valuation purposes is a great tool for "taking the noise out of the numbers". We welcome the opportunity to invite you back to meet with another group of cur clients and prospects. Our thanks to you and your team for investing the time and effort.

Ty Pettit, VP - Business Development

  Mar 15, 2010   sporeling