If you're a business owner considering selling, the first thing we will do for you is to complete a financial analysis and determine a range of value. If your expectations are unrealistically higher than market conditions and if timing is not a critical issue, we'll work with you to increase your company’s value and sell later. We are not the kind of firm that tells a potential sell-side client what we think they want to hear regarding price.

First, we show you what it will take to achieve your desired value. Together, we then create a project plan to accomplish that value. Our firm knows the market and what buyers are seeking.


Once it’s time to sell, we work closely with your financial planning and tax advisors to create an exit strategy that best meets your financial objectives. Our active involvement in pre-transaction financial and tax planning enables us to clearly define objectives and goals. Once our exit strategy is in place we prepare the business for sale and create a “position of strength” from which to work in order to maximize your value.


Business valuation is a fundamental part of the process when working with owners of closely held companies. While PGI does not offer formal business appraisals for IRS or tax and estate planning purposes, we will, on a selected basis, prepare an "Opinion of Value" for a closely held company. These Opinion of Value reports have been used for company valuation, financing, divorce settlements and stockholder buy-sell negotiations.


Turn-around, liquidation or companies in bankruptcy are not areas of focus for PGI. On a selective basis, however, if an owner wants to exit from an unprofitable business, we offer a strategic sales and marketing program that has resulted in a better solution than an orderly liquidation of the assets. A CPA for company we were referred to in this situation said we obtained four times the liquidation value.