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Our success in selling your company will result from our three decades of proven proprietary methods and our integrity in deal making. Scroll through our sellers' testimonial letters to see how PGI is able to achieve maximum value for our clients.

Bedrock Concrete Cutting - George & Kathy Cramer


Many thanks to Rick Piper and his team at Piper Group International, LLC for their invaluable help in selling our business of 33 years! And, we're happy to report the new buyer is working out better than we could have ever hoped.

It was a pleasure working with Rick and from start to finish he gave 100 percent and made us feel like a valued client. His informative Road Map to Closing and comprehensive Offering Book were just a couple critical components that facilitated a seamless transaction. Without his expertise and support I'm not sure how we would have been able to navigate the complexities of selling a business.

We would highly recommend Piper Group International, LLC to anyone needing a qualified Merger and Acquisition firm's service.

Tag-A-Long Expedition, Paul Niskansen

June 20, 2017

A note about Piper Group International
During the past 30 months, we have been working closely with Piper Group International to sell two of our companies. Though the EBITDA earnings were not particularly healthy, Rick Piper was able to sell both organizations to our complete satisfaction. In fact Rick sold one of our two companies for about twice our expectations.

How was he so successful?
Persistence. We have been working together for nearly three years on this project. Hardly a day goes by when we don't hear from Rick. He takes each lead and works them with tenacity until there's nothing left. He calls back previous leads, he networks extensively to develop new leads and cold calls potential buyers.

As mentioned above, these two sales took nearly three years. Others would have given up. Rick remained committed to the task and never gave up. That made the difference between leads and a sale.

Knowledge. Rick knows the ins and outs of the mergers and acquisitions business. We know our businesses; but found ourselves at a loss as to how to sell our two companies. This is Rick's specialty. He knows the process from negotiating the deal to reviewing the fine print of the legal documents.

And, when it came time to review the final sale documents, even though Rick is not an attorney, he carefully read through the fine print of the agreements and offered many helpful suggestions and clarifications that saved us considerable attorney fees.

Invaluable Middleman. In our negotiations, there were times when the sale was jeopardized on one side or the other. Rick played an invaluable role as an intermediary to rescue the transaction when the principals on each side were angry or frustrated.

Detailed. Even though Rick often works on several projects simultaneously, when contacted, Rick knows the details of our transaction as if we were his only task.
Creative. Rick thinks outside the box in terms of finding leads and putting transactions together. When a problem arises, Rick finds work-arounds that lead to success.