About Us

What We Do

With four decades of experience, Piper Group International, LLC ("PGI") is a Mergers & Acquisition firm specializing in the lower middle market. Our proprietary processes provide our clients with a superior model for achieving success. We accomplish this by building a position of strength for your company and then making a market to maximize your value. We work with you from start to finish. We offer both sell-side and buy-side representation.



  • Designing a transaction focused on your Mission and Objectives
  • We create a position of strength to sell form with our proprietary methods starting with the unique offering memorandum that is up to 150 pages.
  • With our proprietary systems, we have been able to sell companies others have not.
  • Anyone can sell a company; the question is for what price and what makes our firm different is how our honest and ethical systems can elevate your company to achieve maximum price.
  • “One offer is no offer.” until a market is made with multiple offers which is the goal of PGI with our 10 phase sales and marketing program.
  • We have two time-tested proprietary methods to maximize price with multiple offers, our “Deal Point” process and a proven way to get through the challenges of working with multiple attorneys and buyer’s due diligence, our “Roadmap to Closing” process.
  • PGI for decades has successfully moved our clients from one chapter of life to the next chapter and our service truly gives a caring and personal touch to that process – so to us, it’s not just selling a business but successfully orchestrating a “a life changing event” for our clients.



WE TRULY CARE. When we take on an engagement, we realize that you are placing your retirement or financial future in our hands. And we take this responsibility seriously – we respect the years you've taken to create this business and the importance this transaction will have on your future.


Our first step is to share with you what we know about current market conditions and how buyers value closely held businesses. We then look at your business to arrive at a range of value to see if your expectations are within the market. Only if your expectations are realistic do we engage to represent you. If not, we will offer advisory services to help you achieve the level of financial expectation that is your goal and then go to market.


The company’s numerous successfully closed deals span a wide range of industries including manufacturing, wholesale distribution, service companies, retail chains, technology, entertainment and more. The key is that our proven process can fit any industry.


PGI shepherds the process from beginning to end. We have a proven track record of keeping transactions on target through the maze of buyer’s due diligence, third party consents, financing, legal, tax and real estate issues. Our letters of reference tell it best.

Our main tools for success are the credibility of our processes and our ability to create trust with all parties.