Buy Side

Bedrock Concrete Cutting - Ian Osborne

September 22, 2017

Rick Piper and Piper Group International, LLC were excellent to work with. I am highly recommending them to represent the sell or buy side of a deal.

In my particular case, I was a Buyer and Rick was representing the Seller. The deal was fraught with bank issues, accounting errors, shifting bank policies, and the emotional aspects of selling "a part of the family" that the business had become for the Sellers. Rick managed to close the deal due to his calm demeanor, systematic approach, and his many years of experience.

Rick was able to keep the deal on track regardless of the issues that arose during the different phases of the process. Rick's years of experience allow him to take a patient, "I have seen this before" perspective. Rick was able to deftly calm either side of negotiation when things got sensitive, for whatever reason. He is able to discuss all matters, including the sensitive matters, with a practical reality.

The systematic approach that Rick uses was developed through his experience of closing many deals. The process keeps the parties at the table; keeps the parties communicating regardless of the situation. The process prevents either party from disengaging.

Rick and his team are knowledgeable in almost every aspect of the transaction. When there is a question that Rick or his team may not be an authority on, Rick is able to call on his relationships, developed over the years, with expertise in many fields. During the particular .transaction we called 5 experts outside of his team to find answers to different issues.

At the very tail end of the negotiation during the last two days, right up to the signing, there were some complicated moments. Rick was highly engaged with both parties, both lawyers, the escrow agent, and bank managers to make it come together.. Without this dedication to the details and willingness to engage, the closing would have taken weeks longer and, most likely, would have been messier.

Again, I would highly recommend Rick Piper and Piper Group International, LLC.

Canyonlands - Preston Paxman

June 14, 2017

Having purchased many different businesses in my lifetime, and having come to the conclusion, that dealing with sellers, lawyers and brokers can be one of the most stressful times of life. With Piper Group International, LLC our latest purchase adventure has been a very pleasant experience. Not only was Rick Piper and his team efficient, scrupulous and meticulous, he worked for both the seller and myself, as the buyer, to make this one of the most pleasant transactions I have ever experienced.

There were several times during the negotiation that both the seller and I felt as though we needed to have attorneys representing us to make sure that everything was legal. The attorneys suggested using Piper Group International to help create documents. Piper Group International scrutinized all the details and took the suggestions from both sides and arranged the terms and conditions that were acceptable for both sides. After the papers were created, both buyer and seller sent their copies to their attorneys and all said the papers were very well done and protected both sides. His work saved thousands of dollars in legal fees we could have otherwise incurred without his help.

Piper Group International, has remained in contact with me after the sell to follow up and make sure that everything in the contract was received. There were several items that were not received, so Mr. Piper went back to the seller and worked on getting the remainder of the items to us. It has been my pleasure to work with Rick Piper knowing that he is interested and concerned about parties on both sides. He goes above and beyond to make sure both sides are happy with the deal he has constructed.

Piper Group is a breath of fresh air in negotiating contracts. Of all the businesses I’ve purchased, this is by far the easiest and gave me the least amount of stress.

AOA Groups, Inc. - Undleeb Dhar

March 31, 2015

Match Maker - That is truly what Rick is.

When you will work with him you will exactly know what I mean by that.

He knows how to work for both sides and make sure that they know exactly what they are doing.

Him insisting on going through the paperwork (get used to that) is his way of doing his due diligence with you.

One of the most important parts of the deal is going to be what I call his hand written Bible (what he likes to repeatedly call THE OFFERING BOOK, which was a 60 page professionally prepared description of the business). It is a very important part of the whole transaction for everyone. So do give him time for that.

He introduced us to a very wonderful family

When I say family it is a family not a business we are getting into.

There are always hiccups in the transfers but be prepared for a smooth ride if you will listen to what he is saying

In very few words listen to him AND it will be easy

Tasty Bake Inc. - Yasar Samarah

March 10, 2015

Our team would like to thank you and Tyler for arranging and making the time to meet with us. Piper Group’s personal presentation answered a lot of our questions pertaining to your latest offering and its business and helped us grasp the opportunity better.

In particular, I should point to the thorough and very informative offering memorandum which was presented by Piper. It was well prepared, professionally presented and truly the best product we’ve seen outside of the major investment banks, such as Merrill Lynch or Morgan Stanley, in some instances more informative.

Please use us as a reference. We look forward to working with you and your team in the future.

Prestige Incorporated Fuel Company - James D. Isaacson


It has been my pleasure working with you through the complete buying process. At closing your expertise and negotiating ability was a key factor in problem solving last minute financial hurdles making a challenging situation into a win win proposition for all. Even though you represented the seller, your guidance and suggestions to me as a first time buyer was extremely helpful. I am also impressed with your follow up after the closing on normal loose ends making sure everything is complete.

I want to thank you again, and when I decide to sell my business I will be calling you to manage this process.

Nutrabulk Inc. - Aaron Flohn

November 3, 2014

I want to thank you for your assistance in our acquisition of NutraBulk. Borah Labs, Inc searches for on-line businesses and NutraBulk will be an excellent addition to our portfolio of companies.

Your offering book was truly comprehensive. We found it to be unique because it contained more information than we were used to seeing which allowed us to make a faster decision to proceed. Also we liked receiving both electronic and bound hard copies.

Really appreciated your Roadmap to Closing process that kept us moving forward and dealing with and resolving the unforeseen due diligence issues as they arose. When it came to the legal issues you helped negotiate the agreements to be mutually acceptable.

There were several offers and I feel we were dealt with in a fair manner with your Deal Point process.

I suppose having trust in working with you was the most important part of your service. Without contentiousness and arguments you helped. deliver a fair result for both parties.

Again Rick, thank you for your assistance in Borah Labs, Inc successful acquisition of NutraBulk.

Davis Transport, Inc. - Jason L. Matheny

May 3, 2013

We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with you and your team at Piper Group International to acquire Davis Transport, Inc. Your diligence in working with all of us to complete the deal far exceeded what other Merger and Acquisition firms would have done. Your attention to detail, personable touch and commitment to bringing all of us together with a common goal was refreshing. Your involvement was a catalyst to creating a successful transaction.

Thank you for all of your efforts. You truly put your heart into managing the acquisition. We feel very fortunate that you and your firm were a part of helping us acquire Davis Transport, Inc.

We wish you and your team the greatest success in the future.

Prairie Capital - Stephen V. King

April 20, 2013

We at Prairie Capital enjoyed working with the Piper Group on the Damac Products, Inc. transaction.

It was readily apparent throughout the process that you had built the trust of the seller and you were a solid advocate for your client.

Yet, with a shared goal of getting the transaction consummated, you provided Prairie terrific access to the Company and its management team which allowed us to efficiently diligence the opportunity in a timely manner.

Thanks again for your part in facilitating a successful transaction process.