The Team

Mergers and Acquisitions Advisors

Piper Group International is a team, utilizing the unique talents of members and others. The firm is affiliated with a nationwide marketing organization and regional networks. We customize and combine these resources in a manner that best meets our clients' needs. Collectively, the organization takes pride in offering a broad range of skills and experiences. We are pleased to present the members of our team.

Rick Piper

B.S. Portland State University,

Rick Piper is a recognized expert in the field of merger and acquisitions, divestitures, strategic searches, valuation and business consulting. His three decades of experience as a 'deal maker" encompasses positioning for exit strategies, all phases of a transaction from preparing effective offering memorandums to creative marketing techniques as well as managing the due diligence and closing process. Mr. Piper's letters of reference tell it best. His experience has no geographic limits including international transactions - Rick has created and presented numerous seminars including "How Buyers Value Closely Held Companies - Finding the Street Value" and "50 Ways To Improve The Value Of Your Company" and is a contributing author to The Secrets of Positioning Your Business For Sale. His seminars are accredited by various State Bar Associations for "CLE" (continuing legal education) credit and have been presented to organizations such as U.S. Bancorp, Miller Nash, Stoel Rives among others. Rick has long been active in the community supporting organizations such as Marshall Union Manor retirement home, the Boy Scouts of America. Catlin Gabel School, Lincoln High School, and Willamette University. Professional Experience: Over 30 years of Merger and Acquisition Experience. Recognized speaker on calculating street value of businesses and Mergers and Acquisitions.

Bill Billingsley

B.S. Portland State University,

For the last six years, Bill Billingsley has successfully established himself in the practice of selling closely held companies. He has a proven track record in all phases of mergers, acquisitions and divestiture. His professional manner in working with principals and advisors includes great sensitivity to the emotional and subjective issues that can make the difference in keeping a transaction cohesive and on track. Very task oriented, his ability to organize and prioritize the components of a transaction clearly enhances the progress and timing of a closing. Persistence, a mandatory trait to be successful in this field, is one of Bill's strong points. His past work experience has also contributed to his success in the Mergers and Acquisitions field. With over 17 years of experience in retail management, he has a solid background in accounting, inventory control, production scheduling, purchasing, marketing and delivery. Bill has a complete knowledge of the process within a variety of industries from operations to sales. He understands all facets of wholesale/retail in the transportation industry and his extensive experience enables him to understand the issues that matter to business owners and to implement strategies that emphasize his client's interests. Prior to entering the business brokerage industry, Bill was the owner of Bedding Equipment Distribution, Inc., a multi-store retail operation. Previously, Bill spent 8 years managing Tom Peterson's, Inc., a prominent Portland retail chain store.

Brent Freeman

B.S. Arizona State University,

Brent Freeman brings 30 years of Senior Management experience in the Financial Services industry to Piper Group International. Prior to joining PGI, Brent served as Chief Operating Office for NestWorth Inc., a closely held real estate investment company located in San Francisco, California. Brent has held Senior Management positions at Bank of America, ITT, GMAC and GE Capital. Having served on acquisitions teams for Bank of America, GMAC and having personally bought, built and sold several businesses, Brent brings his extensive personal and corporate experience and expertise to the purchase and sale of middle market business interests.

Chuck Atkins

Chuck Atkins - Broker – ABI, CMEA, and SBA is licensed in California, Oregon & Washington. Chuck has over 28 years of experience as a mergers and acquisitions consultant, entrepreneur and real estate broker. Chuck has owned and operated several successful businesses in various fields. Due to his creative and solution based business acumen he has demonstrated a continual aptitude in closing complex and difficult transactions. When presented with challenging issues, Chuck uses his effective communication and negotiation skills to arrive at win-win solutions. When it comes to financial analysis he also demonstrates impressive analytical expertise. In addition to his vast experience in the mergers and acquisitions of closely held businesses, he has considerable experience and knowledge of investment properties, such as motels, mobile home parks, golf courses and resorts. He is considered a highly knowledgeable exper tin this field. He is also a certified machinery and equipment appraiser (CMEA). Chuck is a tireless worker for his clients and takes pride in his years of success and his strong code of ethics.

Tyler Piper

B.S. Pacific Lutheran University,

Tyler is a goal-oriented individual with a background in sales, marketing, and sales management. He majored in History and Business Administration and combined his academic efforts with various community leadership positions. He has taught English in Thailand and was later given charge of a Wildlife Refuge, which he helped transition from a Super Fund Pollution Area to a sustainable wildlife habitat. Tyler joined the PGI team in 2009, bringing a host of experience from his successful sales and marketing work in a variety of fields. This experience is contributing to the efficiency of the firm and has brought fresh ideas to PGI's mergers and acquisitions practice. His proven experience as a "deal maker" and caring attitude exemplify PGI's core value of "We Truly Care." He takes time to carefully understand the dynamics of a client's company and market specific factors, and uses both to develop a successful strategy to create the position of greatest strength for selling the business or maximizing the acquisition opportunity. Holding himself to the high standards of PGI’s time-tested methods, Tyler, like the entire PGI team, aims to produce results beyond clients’ expectations for each engagement.

Rick Hansen

B.A. University of Washington,

Rick Hansen is an accomplished entrepreneur and civic leader. Rick has over 30 years of extensive experience with startups and Mergers and Acquisitions in such fields as high tech, software, telecommunications, transportation and international global maritime salvage. Rick has been a longtime business consultant enjoying the ability to help businesses understand the real value they hold. His extensive speaking and marketing background has made him a recognized leader in the community. Rick has had extensive community involvement as chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, the Main Street Association, and the YMCA. Rick is proud of his service in the United States Airforce and has served as Honorary Commander of the 62nd AMS at McChord Air Force Base in recognition of his efforts within the community. Rick has purchased, restored, and rehabilitated three historical buildings in the downtown area of Puyallup. Rick also served for 10 years on the County Economic Development Board. Due to his depth of experience and trust, he is often called in as consulting project manager to help ensure the success of a given project both locally and internationally. Rick currently serves as the Mayor of Puyallup and serves on the boards of the Central Pierce Fire and Rescue Commissioner Liaison, the County Economic Development Board, and the President of Pierce County Cities and Towns Association. He is also the president elect of his Rotary Club. Rick has been married for over 40 years and enjoys a wonderful relationship with his family.