Piper Group International, LLC, (“PGI”) of Portland, Oregon is pleased to announce the sale of Equerry’s Inc. a Probiotics Manufacturer company to Animal Health Solutions, Inc

With a superior reputation, this 25-year-old company is the go-to name in the probiotics niche with nationwide distribution. Probiotics give beneficial results to the host animal by improving its intestinal microbial balance, thus inhibiting pathogens and toxin producing bacteria. The methods the company has used to master its market in a difficult area have taken years to perfect. Profitable and growing in spite of the recession. Specialty niche has less competition with higher margins.

Animal Health Solutions, Inc is also the field. Combining the two companies will create many strategic advantages. The new owner visualize dynamic growth by combining the two companies.

PGI sold the Company and managed the closing using PGI’s unique and proven "Roadmap to Closing" methods and procedures.

Piper Group International, LLC is pleased to announce the sale of DP Northwest, Inc an IT Service company to NW Computer Support, Inc. Our firm negotiated the sale and assisted in the closing. NW Computer Support, Inc was able to expand their Portland operations and look forward to expand sales revenues in the Portland metro area. With the Company’s competitive advantages, it has enjoyed consistent revenues in this challenging economy.

James Watson, CEO of Northwest Computer Support said this merger will allow the two companies to expand their reach in the Pacific Northwest. Northwest Computer Support is proud to merge with an organization that prides itself on service and personal relationships. “Relationships have always been the basis of Northwest Computer Supports success, this continued commitment will ensure all our customers will not see a change in the level of service to which they have become accustomed.”